Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Stop Making Excuses and Start Seeking Him

I am still studying in chapter 1 of Malachi. In verse 11 we see that the Gentiles will be offering better sacrifices (Malachi 1:11). I know the context of Scripture does not say the following but I want to ask you a question. Do you see today that people worshiping false gods and idols are surpassing the amount of worship and sacrifice you give the one true and living God? 

But we have an excuse don't we? We are full of reasons why we don't seek after they ways of the Lord through Bible Study and devotion.

In verse 13 we see that man has an attitude. Oh what weariness, I am bored, this doesn't interest me.  

Here are some things people often say to excuse themselves from worshiping and serving God:

  • ‘I’m tired.’

  • ‘I had to do this so much as a child, I got burned out on it.’

  • ‘I felt unappreciated.’

  • ‘No one spoke to me.’

Notice how everything is focused on the individual rather than God. Would we dare use such excuses with our employers? If not, we should not dare use them with God!
  • Are we giving our best to God in worship? 
  • Do we arrive on time with hearts that are prepared and eager to worship? 
  • Do we concentrate on what we are doing in public worship? Or do we allow our thoughts to wander? 
  • Do we give the preaching of God’s Word a grateful and careful hearing? Or have we allowed our familiarity with the things of God to dull our appreciation for them? 
Have we lost the wonder of it all? Have we brought ourselves under the following indictment of the Lord Jesus when He said:

Hypocrites! Well did Isaiah prophesy about you, saying:
 ‘These people draw near to
 Me with their mouth,
 And honour me with their lips,
 But their heart is far from me …’
(Matt. 15:7–8).

We like to avoid thinking about such things, but the more we avoid them, the more our faith weakens. And the more it weakens, the more we rob ourselves of peace, joy and comfort in the Lord. The way back from a sputtering faith is to stop making excuses for ourselves and recognize again the privilege of having God as our Father and our Master.

Lets realize where we are and make the determination to be and stay where we ought to be.


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