Tuesday, August 13, 2013

An Uneasy Feeling

In 1972 a group called the Eagles came out with the song "Peaceful Easy Feeling". The title of the song doesn't mention much about the content but it charted in the top 25 after it's debut. Even to this day one can hear the song being played on classic rock stations around the globe. Music in the 60's and 70's pushed the listener to grasp the concepts of peace and feelings. Peace was introduced on the world stage as an obtainable element of society and any opposition to peace was unacceptable no matter the need or cause of conflict. Bands such as the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and the Who began to push a new ideologies across the homeland of America. Drugs (introducing artificial peace), sexual freedom, and a stray from accountability were subjects driven into the minds of the youth. The 70's music became all about actions based on feelings and freedom toward the concept of individuality.

As the culture entered the 80's and 90's, significant change from previous generations was exhibited by teenagers and young adults. The concepts of time, care for others, and spirituality suffered devastating blows. The new generations began to exhibit an interest of self over others, and a disregard for spiritual things, especially Christianity. The result of these has changed the personality of the country. No longer are we a people who exhibit a love and care for our neighbor but we have become a people who will sacrifice anything to fulfill selfish desires. The foundations of what was once considered truth has been replaced with relativism, and more recently popular desire. Religion in the public view has been dominated by extremism; and public interest appears to protect radicalism while at the same time removing Christian influence. The resulting image is one of strife, conflict, and unrest.

There are groups of people who still hold true to the Christian faith, but these numbers are shrinking as the days are passing. It is ironic that a generation tagged as promoters of self-reliance and peace (through any means) is a generation that accelerated moral decline. The result is the opposite of the ideologies promoted by their music. With the decay in society there is no longer a Peaceful Easy Feeling, but rather an uneasy feeling facing a day of destruction. It is my prayer that we will once again seek the truth and the giver of life before it is too late.

- Doug

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