Sunday, February 24, 2013

What is Your Vision?

Not too long ago I posted asking the question "what is your mission". Many church are without a mission directive and it is illustrated in their day to day activities. Mission, however, is very closely related to vision and too often churches are very unclear of what this is as well.  

The definition of a vision as defined by Aubrey Malphurs is “a clear, challenging picture of God’s vision for the ministry as it can and must be”. The vision of an individual or a church must be clear. Aubrey’s example to this would be a blindfolded tourist being able to drive his car around the Arc de Triomphe as a result of the clear vision given to him. This is the type of vision our churches need.  People who follow ministry leaders need to know what they are following and what they are to do.

The vision must also be challenging. People want to be a part of something that has meaning. They also will stick with an organization that challenges them. Things that seem as if they are routine or part of the norm will cause people to develop a lack of interest.

The vision is also to be a picture of what God’s plan is for the church or individual. This vision is supposed to be something that you can see in your head. The author of Ministry Nuts and Bolts says it is something that a leader can dream about and see it in their mind with their eyes closed. The vision is also supposed to be God’s future for the ministry.  It is to be a very clear description of what God wants done in a person’s life and ministry.

The vision is to also be feasible. A person should be able to ask the question “what can this ministry become?” A person cannot think small when thinking about vision.  However, one must be very careful to think so large that the vision is unobtainable.

Finally, Malphurs states that a vision “must be”.  In others words the vision must have a sense of urgency.  It must be something that a person needs to accomplish in the here and now.  Church leaders must be about God’s mission and do whatever it takes to develop and achieve the vision.

Imagine if all of our churches were able to capture the mission and the vision of the church. What could be the results? What would become our opportunities?  It is time churches drop the "we have always done it this way" attitude and find God's mission and vision for them.

After spending some time in "Ministry Nuts and Bolts" by Aubrey Malphurs, I would highly recommend it to pastors who want to get beyond the "weekly" routine and challenge their churches to impact this world for Christ!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

What is your mission?

I have asked the question "What is your mission" to numerous people throughout the day and had little or no response. Of course there is no right or wrong answer here but I was trying to determine if anyone had thought about the question. I believe it is one of the most important questions a person can answer about what drives him or her.

Sadly, not too many people have ever answered the question in their lives. I think that is the problem with a lot of people who decide on a church to join and then quickly fall away. There is no mission to drive them in their Spiritual lives. People look for a church that offers something to satisfy them. They don't look for a place to serve or a place where they can fulfill their mission. The result is an unfulfilling connection that doesn't last.

We have to find our place of belonging and service. This place must be a place that challenges us and provides for us the avenue to fulfill the plan God has laid out for us. This cannot be any organization that allows us to hang our hat, but rather a place that is a match for our mission. We have to know our core desire and the elements that drive us. We have to know the boundaries of Scripture and God's will. It is only then we will be satisfied in knowing we are where we should be and we doing what we must do.

What is your mission? I hope you are not a drifter just looking to be accepted.