Thursday, November 29, 2012

Working in Ministry; Failing in Spiritual Growth

Over the years I have made plenty of friends who are in ministry. During that time we spent evenings around a table or at a restaurant studying and learning from the precious truths in the Word of God. Sometimes I miss those opportunities because life and even ministry get in the way. I know numerous people who have worked in ministry whether as a Pastor or in a support position and experience the "run of the mill" walk of life. Some have even gone as far as stepping down from ministry. You look at them and ask "why is there no excitement?" What has changed since the time they first started in ministry? I believe the answer is simple. They have lost the ultimate priority in life which can be broken down in these simple areas.

There is no daily quiet time or devotion in their lives. The fast paced world we live in demands time and energy. The ministry is no different in this respect. I believe there is also more of a demand by the general public rather than from an organization or a supervisor. Ministry is about people and those people have needs outside of the 9 to 5 time period. With the crazy schedules and demands, people have a tendency to get to bed late and sleep late. The alarm clock rings and before you know it we are on the road going back into work. What happened to the time we were going to spend in the Word or in prayer? Does that sound familiar?

Sometimes ministry requires being outside of small group Bible studies and we do not find another avenue to replace that small group time. Too often ministers believe they are okay without attending some sort of Bible study. I don't care how much you know, or how much you think you know, you need to be challenged and fed in a small group setting.

When I was a Youth Pastor I spent time with other Youth Pastors in small group devotions. Every other week we would meet together just for Bible study. We would rotate the leader of the study and it became one of the most filling times for ministry. It was really special because we were all in the fight for the same ministry demographic and we were facing the same battles and questions from parents and teens.

I just finished a non-traditional time of Bible study with some other guys. It was not only challenging, but also refreshing. Are you getting the routine fill of God's Word and Bible Study? This question holds true even if you are not in ministry. If you are not allowing the Spirit to pour into your glass then you just may be failing in Spiritual growth! We need to pause for the important things.

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