Friday, November 30, 2012

Lets Change the Words for TV

I was watching a movie on ABC Family and noticed something that appears to happen on a frequent basis. The actor says something and his lips express something different. It is obvious that a voice-over was edited into the movie as to allow a more "family-friendly" version to be shown on TV.

The movie I was watching was actually really good - even with the profanity edited out. This should tell anyone watching that the profanity does not make the movie and not having it in the movie does not break it either. So why do movie houses feel that it is necessary to add that "shock factor" into the film?

I think the reason is exactly what the phrase describes it as "shock-factor". Do screen writers believe that their scripts are not quality enough without adding that component? Do they feel as if the American culture is so conditioned and the film needs a little shock to keep the interest?

In either case, it is a sad state of our culture if we are so conditioned that we need a punch to make entertainment more interesting. What has happened to decency? What has happened to films that inspire? What has happened to the expression of love by words and actions. Ephesians 4:29

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