Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day 2012

Today is election day! For kids it usually means a day out of school. For adults, it is a day of decision. Over the past four weeks I have made it a point to ask people in our community what they plan to do this election day. I know you are not supposed to talk about politics or religion, but I want everyone to break that rule because it is just silly. The surprising thing that I have realized is that everyone has an opinion but many will not cast their vote.

The simple rule of thumb is if you don't vote then don't complain. The complex rule is if you don't vote, you don't care about the direction of the country. As each year passes we see an increasing level of apathy. Outside of their own little world, people just don't care about others or their country. People don't know the sacrifices that were made so they can live in freedom. If we do not care enough to understand what is going on, then we obviously don't care if our freedoms are taken away.

In the last three decades we have seen two major shifts in direction. The first has been against freedom. Challenges have been placed against freedom of religion. Challenges have been placed against the 1st and 2nd Amendments. We have also seen a shift against life. We do not protect the unborn and it seems as if there is less concern placed on the elderly - all of this in the name of convenience. Actually, all of the challenges stem from the shift away from God and Christianity. This will take us from freedom to bondage.

I know there are issues of jobs and economy on the table. These are very important, however if we cannot see Biblical morality as an issue then we will never be able to satisfy the economy. They are tightly connected. Our current president has a worldview beyond national business and politics. It is what drives him to make the decisions he has made. We need to quit focusing on a verbal promise of a result and start looking to see if the candidates are like minded in the area of their worldview. This big ship called America needs to be turned back in the direction of its roots.

So today, talk about politics, and everyday talk about Christ!

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