Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 31, 2012 Today in History

Sometimes I like to look at what happened today in history. History has always fascinated me especially the history of military conflict and the history of world religions. But as I look back today in history I see a few interesting points. Think about them as you read them.

  • Today in 2011, the U.N. Population Division stated we have reached 7 Billion people on Earth

  • Today in 2010, a large oil field was discovered off the coast of Brazil. They believe this can contain up to 15 billion barrels of oil (why do we have high gas prices??).

  • Today in 2006, Bob Barker retired from the Price is Right (now we have Drew...)

  • Today in 1989, the U.S. performs a nuclear test at the Nevada Test Site

  • Today in 1968, the U.S. performs a nuclear test at the Nevada Test Site (What is up with this happening on October 31? Are we trying to scare Mexico?)

  • Today in 1968, President Johnson halts all bombing in North Vietnam

  • Today in 1956, Britain and France begin to bomb Egypt to reopen the Suez Canal

  • Today in 1941, Germany torpedoes U.S. destroyer Reuben James 

  • Today in 1914, Great Britain and France declare war on Turkey

  • Today in 1517, Luther posts 95 theses on Wittenberg church - The beginning of the Protestant Reformation

Of course we all know in 834 today was the first observance of All Hallows Eve from which we have derived Halloween. It seems as if there is always struggle in the world. There is struggle with World Powers and there is struggle between good and evil.

As each day in history passes, we need to determine on which side we stand. We also need to make the determination to actually stand and not become passive. For if we allow the world to dictate our future, then we will side with evil.

Choose this day who you will serve, and act accordingly.

Blessings on Reformation Day,

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