Monday, October 22, 2012

By Foot

Every day I see people walking on the main road outside of town. Some are carrying grocery bags while some look like they're trying to get to work. This has increased over the past four or five years to the magnitude that I've never seen before. Does this reflect the state of our economy? Does this illustrate the hardship that many people are going through? How have we arrived to this position?

Some would point to a corrupt government while others say the corruption is in large business. I personally think there are a lot of factors that have influenced this situation. Even though there is obvious corruption in many different areas, we have missed the root cause of where we are. There is an eerie parallel between our national condition and our Spiritual position. As we have moved away from God and have turned our back His Word, we are reaping the results of our actions. We have anti-God and immoral leadership. We see much of the same in business and in our communities. Until we turn back to God and repent of our ways, I personally don't see much improvement in our future. What does our future look like? Rome followed the same path in their history and reaped devastating results.

We desperately need to return to God.

Doug Johnson

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