Thursday, July 26, 2012

Who is it for?

In a recent staff meeting John Griggs was in charge of the devotion for the day. In his devotion he illustrated the use of a word found in John's Gospel that is translated as "in behalf of". The Greek word is hyper.

Later that afternoon I decided to do a word study for this Greek term and was blessed by the results I found. Of course this word is found throughout the New Testament but I want to focus on its usage found in the Gospel of John. In this Gospel you will find the word used 12 times. In all but a couple of those times, the recipient of the action is you and me. For example Christ lays down His life on behalf of you and me (John 15:13). The actions of Christ is for our benefit and is the result of the great love He has for us.

One of the other usages found in the Gospel of John illustrates that certain events and actions should result in God's glory (John 11:4). Have we ever thought that being the recipient of God's mercy and grace should not be a one way street? Our lives should result in giving God the glory because our hope is found in the action of Jesus Christ.

Is the spotlight of your life turned in the right direction?

Doug Johnson

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