Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Uncontrollable Reaction

Have you ever had one of those days where something went wrong and you did not know what to do? Many know that I, with help from some really great friends, remodeled my basement this winter. I expected the project to take about eight weeks, however, to this day I am still not finished (nine months later). The majority of it was completed after about seven months and the room became liveable. The only thing I have left to finish is the stairway.

This weekend, with all of the hot weather and the air-conditioning running more frequently, my basement drain couldn't handle the additional condensation from the air-conditioner and dehumidifiers. The result was water flooding the wood floor. If you don't know, water into a wood floor is a disaster. When I realized I had a problem, it was too late. All of the excitement over a virtually completed project immediately left me. Those feelings were replaced by discouragement. I didn't see this coming.

As we step into our days, we face new surprises and new difficulties. How we handle those says a lot about our foundation and where we place our priorities. James chapter 1 tells us that we need to seek wisdom from God. The trials we face demand wisdom. Life is full of trials, therefore, we need wisdom to correctly respond to those trials. We need to know how to respond that we do not give a false notion to others about what Christianity is. We need to know how to respond in such a way so we do not dishonor God. We need to respond in such a way as we do not discourage others. 

I was quickly reminded that this problem could be fixed and it did not matter against the truly important things in life. What are your trials today? How are they impacting you and others? Are you seeking wisdom from the Father on how to handle these issues?

Doug Johnson

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