Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A House on the Beach

I have always wanted a house on the beach. If I was picking the beach I would choose Destin with the emerald water and blinding white sand. Not too long ago I looked at the prices of a lot on the beach and was amazed to discover it was over 1 million dollars. Note that I have not looked again since the economy crashed but I am thinking it is still way out of my reach.

People throughout time have desired the same thing. Herod the Great was responsible for much of what is known as Caesarea. On my recent trip to Israel I had an opportunity to view what was left of his palace that was built on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea. Notice, part of the ruins still exist. The large square section in the center was the pool which, I am told, was a fresh water pool. It is here that Herod Agrippa would have stayed.

Herod was an incredible builder. Some of the structures he built are still standing today. This one, however, has fallen to greater forces than he. After seeing the ruins, maybe a home on the beach is not such a good idea. 

Doug Johnson 

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