Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Message, Not The Medium

At the NRB Confention this weekend I heard that it cost 20 dollars to create the Doritos commercial with the dog in it for the Super Bowl. This commercial turned out to be one of the favorites this year. I don't know the validity of the comment, but in any case it was supposed to be very cheap to produce. This is an incredible piece of information. It is not the medium that is king but rather the message (or content). It was Bill Gates that coined the phrase "content is king". Well, second to Jesus Christ, I agree. 

Too often we are more concerned about the quality of the video rather than the message itself. Don't get me wrong, people love to see a great looking product, but I would rather see a fair looking video with an excellent message than vice-versa. If we need to be focused on anything I think we need to focus on developing the product in the following order:

1. The content - This is the most important. A video with no content is .... Useless.

2. The audio - Audio should be the second most important part of the project. Most people will put up with poor video if it contains good audio.

3. The video - Of course we have heard that a picture is worth a thousand words, however, if there is no message the video can confuse the audience. If the audio is bad, then no matter how good the video, the viewer will probably not watch the whole thing.

So the next time you put together a video, start with the message and develop it well. Remember, content is king..


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