Saturday, January 14, 2012

Media Bias

I am starting to lose patience with the media. Spending more than 10 years as a part of the media I have seen various changes that are detrimental to the industry. One of the worst changes that has taken place is the fact that it is no longer a neutral reporting industry. Today's media is biased and promotes their own agenda. Last night while watching Nightline, the reporter noted that Charles Darwin's journey to the Galápagos Islands led to his discovery of new species. Any student of Darwin should note the incorrect assumption of that statement. Darwin did not find new species but rather noted changes in the characteristics of certain species due to their environment. Darwin wrote in his journal that this discovery "seemed" to shine a light on the origins of species. My question immediately becomes "why does a journalist error with readily available information?" It is probably because they have an agenda. In this case it is to remove any idea of creation or a creator and therefore remove any of man's responsibility toward Him.

After the recent shooting of Senator Gabrielle Gifford near Tucson Arizona the media launched a flurry of articles connecting the shooting to the accessibility of guns in America. One news company even connected the Tea Party to the shooting. How could such irresponsible reporting be tolerated? It is obvious that there is an agenda to disarm this country and the media is throwing the pitches in the ballgame. Some who may be reading this article may not agree with my last statement which is okay with me. However, before replying about gun control, spend some time researching the subject rather than taking the media's word for it. A great place to start is the book by John R. Lott Jr. entitled More Guns Less Crime. This book takes a non-biased look at guns, ownership, and crime rates. It is a highly researched book that is packed with statistics presenting the relationship between gun ownership and crimes. Too bad the news media will not take an objective look at the subject but rather assume that an attempted murder is always the result of people owning guns. Ask yourself the following question, if the government disarms the people, will the criminals give up their guns as well?

We are fast approaching the 2012 elections which I believe is one of the greatest elections in our history. There is a lot at stake with this election. Depending on what news channel you choose to watch, you will get a different viewpoint about the issues in the upcoming elections. The bias is greater than it has ever been in our history. If we allow the media to dictate our actions by falsely representing the truth, then we are in error as well. It is time to become an informed people by going beyond someone else's word for the matter.

I look back on my commercial FCC license and note the supporting documentation which states that my actions are to be neutral in broadcasting, not giving favor to a particular group or issue. When did all of that change?

Doug Johnson

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