Friday, October 22, 2010

Questions from Teens (Introduction)

Over the next few weeks I want to share with you some of the many questions that teens are asking today. As a matter of fact, the questions that will be posted are questions from my own youth group this year (2010). As I post the question I will also post my answer which will be Biblically based.

I want to take this moment to talk about a staggering statistic that illustrates what happens when teens, who were once involved in church, leave the home. The statistics say that over 60% of teens will leave the church after graduating from High School and entering college. These statistics are not positive on them ever returning.  The question that immediately arises is "why". Why are college students leaving the church at a staggering rate? I believe the answer is very complex but is founded in the fact that we are not answering their questions. First, our families are being torn apart by Satan. He is the father of lies and the Bible tells us that he is a thief who wants to steal, kill, and destroy. He wants to destroy the family unit and in the process he wants to remove any "Spiritual" influence from the children.

Families today are in a crisis. Families are dealing with broken homes, a multi-parent workforce, unemployment, debt, and the list goes on. With the high-demand, fast paced, lifestyles that we are living we do not have time to operate as a family unit and therefore offer no Spiritual guidance and assistance to our children. We, in turn, take our children to church hoping the pastor, youth pastor, or Sunday School teacher can change their behavior and lives. We allow the world to influence our children 164 hours a week and hope the remaining 4 hours of "church time" will keep them on track.

Parents, it is time we take the Spiritual responsibility that God has given us (especially fathers) and step up to the plate. We have to answer the "life" questions of our children from a Biblical perspective. If we do not know the answers to the tough questions, we must FIND the answers and be responsible to our children's inquiries. When we do not care to find the answer (Parent, Sunday School teacher, Youth Pastor, or Pastor) then I guarantee the Ph.d professor at the University will offer them an answer. The result is devastating.

So over the next few weeks please allow me to share with you the questions of our teens in today's culture. I hope you take time to see and understand they have questions that need answers. Also, in the meantime a post I wrote recently certainly draws a connection to this subject. It may be worth reading again.

In Christ,
Doug Johnson

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