Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Restricted Worship

Each year after going to camp I realize that there is a missing element in our lives when we are in the routines of our everyday world. When we go to camp we are removed from the "routine" schedule. We do not have cellphones to text our friends. We do not have TV to consume our evenings. We do not have iPods or MP3 players. We do not have any of the things that we depend on every day. The purpose of this is so we can completely focus on our relationship with our Heavenly Father.

In that "zone" we are more likely to be serious about connecting with Jesus. We spend time studying the Word. We spend more time in prayer. We spend more time listening and meditating on the sermons we hear. This brings an interesting result into our lives. We experience true worship.

In our churches today and in our everyday lives I don't believe we see much true worship. When we are sitting in the pews we may sing some songs and throw some cash in the offerings but we never experience the Spirit of God. In our daily lives our quiet times are so cut and dry we never hear from or are touched by the Spirit. Unfortunately we spend more time in front of our TV's and listening to our iPods than we do in the Word. What is the result? Restricted Worship.

I posted a video last week of part of a worship time at camp. The audio is a little distorted (it was the best I could do with a cell phone) but you will see the concept of public worship without reservation. The majority of vocals is from the students. What really hit home was the question from a student that asked why we don't worship like this in our churches. My answer is probably because we are not prepared to worship. There are too many distractions and we are too concerned what others might think or say.

If our distractions hinder our worship then are our distractions becoming our god? How do you worship? Is it unrestricted and daily?

In Christ,
Doug Johnson

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  1. AMEN! Thank you Doug! This has been a huge topic at our house since Isaac's return from camp and seeing the hunger for it and longing for it to continue. We have been talking about and working on being less distracted and more focused on God every day.