Sunday, June 13, 2010

Perseverence, a building block above faith

Within verse 6 of 2nd Peter chapter 1 we see the next building block to add to faith after self-control. It says: "to self-control perseverance".

This is another element that we need to add to the mix in our Spiritual growth. Keep in mind that Peter is getting ready to talk in detail about false prophets and false teachers. The word used for perseverance is "hypomenen". This word essentially means to "stay under". It gives us the impression that we need to hold fast in the face of adversity and to stay steady no matter what challenges us. We do not need to give up in these troubled times.

As we approach the last days, there will be more and more false teachings. There will be more opportunities for deception and evil. We must be sure to remain in His Word and remain steadfast in our faith. As we are to be self-controlled, we are to persevere. As we are to live a life above reproach, we are to persevere. As we learn more about our Savior and apply His truths to our lives, we are to persevere.

In Christ,
Doug Johnson

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