Friday, June 18, 2010

Love, the top building block above faith

2 Peter 1:7b says " and to brotherly kindness love".

Peter has given us a list of characteristics to work on within our journey of sanctification. Love is the last one that he brought to the table. Does this mean that it is the least significant? Absolutely not!

It may appear that Peter is geing a little repetitive with the love virtue, because he just mentioned brotherly kindness (or brotherly love). What is the difference here? The previous characteristic, brotherly love, is a love that we show within the walls of the church. It is a love that we exhibit to our brothers and sisters in Christ. Today's characteristic is one that is shown outside of the church walls.

Jesus was very specific about showing love to this world that is around us. He told us to love our enemies. He told us to love those who persecute us. He told us to love our neighbor. As Christians do we love our enemies and neighbors? Better yet, do we even know the names of our neighbors?

Love is the final virtue for a very special purpose. Love is the fruit of faith. When your faith is strong and growing, you will find it easy to love. So as we are going and as we are growing let us express the love of Christ in all we do. The Southern Baptists recently had a slogan that said "Love Out Loud". Let me follow that by saying "crank it up"!

In Christ,
Doug Johnson

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