Friday, June 11, 2010

Knowledge, a building block above faith

2 Peter 1:5 says "But also for this very reason, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue, to virtue knowledge"

You might think this one is obvious in meaning. However, I think there may be a little more to it than surface value. For example, the original term in the Greek for the word knowlege could mean understanding the moral compass of others, having insight in all circumstances, and the ability to use our minds in whatever we do.

It would be easy to take this verse and say that we need to be always learning. However, learning without application is pretty useless. I could learn all I wanted to about a person's human nature but if I do not use that knowledge to help me relate to others or to forsee an event that I need to help them avoid, then it is only knowledge.

What is interesting is the fact that knowledge can strengthen our faith. It has also been said that knowledge is rooted in trust. The more you know about God, the stronger your faith will become. The more you understand the nature of God the more you will trust Him.

This should be a driving force for our quiet time or daily devotion time. We should desire to be in His Word learning more about Him. As we learn more about Him then our trust will naturally grow. Therefore, as the Scripture says, to our faith we need to add virtue (outstanding moral character). On top of virtue we need to add knowledge (having insight in all circumstances). Are you growing in your faith?

In Christ,
Doug Johnson

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