Monday, June 14, 2010

Godliness, a building block above faith.

The last part of 2 Peter 1:6 says: "to perseverance godliness". This is our next building block to add to the foundation of faith. Yesterday we saw that perseverance meant to remain under God's direction in any situation we encounter. It is interesting that Peter now adds the element of godliness to the mix.

Godliness essentially means to live "godly lives". In light of the fact that we are to persevere within all circumstances, we are also to live our lives in a godly manner. If we mess up and make bad decisions or unwise choices we could ruin our reputation and destroy our witness. Therefore, it is critical that we strive to live godly lives in the face of a corrupt and dark world. It is too easy to "give in" or "give up" when times are tough, which is exactly what satan wants.

Maybe you have already messed up, given up, and allowed the enemy to shut you up. This doesn't mean that it is over. It means that you need to allow God to pick you up, dust you off, and get you back on track. Make a concious effort to live a life that is honoring to the Father. Be in His Word and under Biblically sound teaching and preaching. Think about the incredible opportunities which are before us. (Matthew 9:37)

In Christ,
Doug Johnson

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