Saturday, October 3, 2009

Are We Too Busy?

I was recently notified that an article that I submitted to YLO Magazine was just published. I am humbled that anyone would even consider publishing anything I wrote. The article is about how we act around others in our busy everyday life. It was directed to Youth Ministers but can be adapted to anyone who deals with other people. The following is a link to the article:

Youth Leaders Only Magazine

The article is on page 11 and is entitled "Multitasking is Killing My Ministry". Sometimes we are so busy getting life done, that we ignore others in their time of need. We don't realize the message we send to others when we are focused on ourselves or our "to do" lists in their presence.

It is very unfortunate that our jobs, our hobbies, our cell phones, and our text messages get in the way of God and our families. We forget that God is a jealous God and He wants first place in our lives. Sometimes we forget that our families need our attention and support through these tough days. In any case, is it time to sit down and re-focus our priorities? I hope you take time to read the article, and, as always, feel free to pass it on.

In Christ,
Doug Johnson

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